Engineering Disaster Operations

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January 5, 2021
Final Course Project
January 5, 2021

can someone please answer the following.

1-Very briefly, (max 3-4 sentences) describe your personal experience with a system whose capability disappointed you. In your opinion, was this disappointment the result of a design mistake made by the system’s designer, poorly defined requirements, or the result of a conscious trade-off decision that had been made during the system’s design? For example, a compact laptop keyboard that is too small to be usable might be the result of a design trade-off decision (compact size vs. usability). However, a keyboard with keys that easily break loose is a design error. (include a picture/image to illustrate your discussion)

2-Select an Engineering Disaster of your own choosing and do some background research on the incident.
1. Briefly summarize what went wrong.
2. Assess whether an adequate Systems Engineering approach had been used, and if it had, would it have had an impact on the outcome? why or why not?
Consider the following questions in your assessment:
1. Did they get the requirements wrong, or were they missing?
2. Did they not open-up the design space and not identify the best design solution?
3. Where in the lifecycle did the error occur? Requirements Definition, Conceptual Design, Manufacturing, Test, or Operations/Support (maintenance)
4. Did safety features fail or were they absent?
5. Use of improper test methods and methodologies?
Lastly, comment on the impact of the disaster itself – as a result of the disaster, were there any security measures (including laws or regulations) put in place to prevent similar things from happening again?one page should do it, not including illustrations. Keep it concise!

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