Employee or Independent Contractor

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

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PART 1:Employee or Independent Contractor

Why is the definition of employee and employer important Explain the difference and significance of the employer-employee vs. independent contractor relationship.

Anthony is hired by Company X as an independent contractor to conduct satisfaction surveys of its employees and to analyze the data. Anthony will use his own equipment and, except for completing the project within a given time frame, he is free to conduct the work as he deems fit. Is he an employee of an independent contractor Explain the basis for your conclusion.

Assume the employer has requested that Anthony perform the work on its premises during its regular business hours. He will conduct his work on company equipment including computer and photocopy machines. He will not be assigned a company email account. Is Anthony considered an employee or an independent contractor What facts are important to your conclusion

Assume that Anthony was previously employed by the Company to conduct survey of its employees on various topics including employee satisfaction with their work environment, the company benefits, retirement plan, etc. Because of a reduction in force, Anthony s position was eliminated. Three months after his position was eliminated, the company entered into an independent contractor agreement with Anthony for him to perform the same duties, except he could perform them at his home on his equipment. Is he an independent contractor or an employee Explain the reasoning behind your conclusion.

PART 2:Disparate Impact

What is “Disparate Impact”

Company Y hires employees to collect tickets at sporting events. Company Y s offer of employment is contingent on a successful background check. An employee with a prior criminal conviction is not allowed to begin employment.

After defining “Disparate Impact”, discuss the potential disparate impact this could have on employees, and provide recommendations on what, if anything, the employer should do differently.