To prepare for this Assignment: Review the Learning Resources and the media programs related to t tests. For  additional support, review the Skill Builder: Research  Design and Statistical Design and
June 11, 2021
financial statement analysis and decision making activity 14
June 11, 2021

3 – 5 pages, double-spaced.  

 Have fun with Economics for this assignment! Your task is to apply economic thinking in, hopefully, a creative way.  Projects will be graded on two primary criteria: 

(1) your application/incorporation of economic concepts 

(2) your creativity

Some projects may be less creative (such as a research paper) but contain more economic content. Some projects may be more creative, with less economic content.  

Suggestions: an economic video, photo essay, artwork, editorial cartoon(s), poetry, song, short story, powerpoint presentation, web page, film review, book report, short research papers, etc.  Your topic does not have to be obviously about economics (sports, music, hobby), but your task is to relate the subject to economics. 


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