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Eco 100 week 4 discussion

“Exploring Monopolies and Oligopolies”
Watch this video, Oligopolies and Monopolistic Competition, to help you prepare for this week’s discussion.
Use the company for which you currently work, a business with which your familiar, or a dream business you want to start to reply to these prompts:
• With your selected business in mind, determine if it is competitive, monopolistic competitive, an oligopoly, or pure monopoly. Explain how you drew your conclusion about its market structure. 
• How does the business/firm in this industry determine the price it will charge for the products or services it sells? 
Discuss with your peers:
o Read one of your peer’s posts and share an insight or question you have about that business and its market structure.  
To get perspective and a “get a grip” on all these types of enterprises, do comment on these 2 videos: 
( Please note– Do watch the actual movie, as well as other video. Commenting from something from the Internet not in the film, and especially not even true, will not be a good idea, especially as there is much of untrue rubbish in the Internet on the Rothschild family) ( Additionally, Do watch the entire movie, so you can trylu “get it” as they say!)
 A movie you will never forget-a true “classic”–managerial economics ethical or not/ including banking- a historical perspective. This film is all based on fact. It happened like you see it. 
The House of Rothschild (1934 full length historical biography movie)- the world’s most famous bankers.The House of Rothschild 1934. Full MovieDuration: (86:43) User: Pura censura – Added: 5/1/12 YouTube URL:
And carrying this video to the present time- Comment regarding todays Economist–Nathan Rothschild’s great great grandson–on today’s economics and finance–

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