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Identify a position that is open or has recently been filled in your organization.Using what you know about the position, the culture and expectations of the organization, your own hiring and selection experiences, and this week’s readings
June 11, 2021
revise expository essay for final submission
June 11, 2021

Paper details:
Please refer to files attached.
Assignment requirements
(Please remember to use the pronoun ‘ I ’ )
In this journal entry, writer have to critically reflect on the importance of sponsored and autonomous co-creation in the digital economy.
Please use appropriate real-world examples when describing these concepts and how they relate to virtual communities, the commons, collective intelligence, and open innovation.
Word limit – minimum 750 and maximum of 800 (excluding reference page and citing reference)
Reference page , with 4 to 5 citation in APA style.
Please give at least one citation from the Online Reading Article : Zwass, V. (2010)……
Attached is Journal for Reading in relation to this assignment.
Online Reading: Zwass, V. (2010). Co-creation: Toward a taxonomy and an integrated research perspective. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 15(1), pp. 11–48.


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