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easy discussion replies 18

Must be a minimum of 100 words each. Please use proper english

1) Chapter 19: Disabling the Windows Guest Account:
Part of Windows installation, when creating user accounts one of them is the Guest access account that gets created by default. However, many just ignore and leave the Guest profile without changing the security settings which can be exploited by an attacker. Even though guest access has very limited privileges but it can let hackers initial access to the system. From there expert hands can gain other users information and eventually proceed to carry on extensive damage.
So as part of securing the system after Windows installation is to disable the accounts that are not required including guest account immediately. Also change the default passwords and set it up for routine change.

2) Chapter 19: MANDATORY Setting strong passwords:
Lets talk about Setting Strong Passwords for a moment.
Your reading says that one of the most effective ways to keep a system safe is to employ strong passwords and educate your users in the best practices associated with them. Many password-generation systems are based on a one-way hashing approach. You can’t take the hash value and reverse it to guess the password. In theory, this makes it harder to guess or decrypt a password.
Mandatory – Video Tutorial – 12 Minutes:

Class, what did you learn from watching the video? What about your reading? Do you use a strong password today?

3) Chapter 19: Default Operating System Setup:

Lets look at this objective. Read it!
“Mitigate risks of default settings to individual and system security”.
Class, think about it, why would we need to change default settings for an Operating System? Should they not be set correctly to begin with?

4) Chapter 19: How and Why Patch Management:

Lets look at one of your key objectives for this week.
“Explain the effects of patch management compliance on organizations”.
First, watch the following video tutorial below.
Video Tutorial – How and Why Patch Management – 20 Minutes:

Class, what did you learn from the video or from your reading material regarding patch management? Please be thorough in your responses.

5) Chapter 22: Identifying and Defining a Problem:

Lets talk about Identifying the Problem.
Your reading says that while this may seem obvious, it can’t be overlooked: If you can’t define the problem, you can’t begin to solve it. Sometimes, problems are relatively straightforward, but other times they’re just a symptom of a bigger issue. For example, if a user isn’t able to connect to the Internet from their computer, it could indeed be an issue with their system. But if other users are having similar problems, then the first user’s difficulties might just be one example of the real problem.
Now, watch the following video tutorial.
Video tutorial – s – 8 Minutes:

Class, how would you assist in identifying a problem on a PC? Thoughts?

6) Chapter 22: Talking to Customers

Lets talk about, “Talking to the Customer”.
Your reading says, “Many times, you can define the problem by asking questions of the user. One of the keys to working with your users or customers is to ensure, much like a medical professional, that you have good bedside manner. Most people are not as technically hip as you, and when something goes wrong, they become confused or even fearful that they’ll take the blame”.
Lets watch the following video as well.
Video Tutorial – Talking to Customers – 5 Minutes:

Class, what did you learn about how to talk to customers? Thoughts? Experiences?

7) Chapter 22: Lets talk about a real world situation.
Your reading talks about , “Have any other changes been made to the computer recently? If the answer is yes, ask if the user can remember approximately when the change was made. Then ask them to tell you approximately when the problem started. If the two dates seem related, there’s a good chance that the problem is related to the change. If it’s a new hardware component, check to see that it was installed correctly”.
Now, watch this video tutorial.
Video Tutorial – CHANGE CONTROL – 12 Minutes:

Class, why is change controls or change manage so important? Please be thorough in your responses.

8) Pluralsight: Securing Work Stations

The password game is strong at the hospital I use to work in. IT members had to have a fifteen character password consisting of one upper case, one lower case, one number, and a special character. The numbers could not be ascending, descending, or repeated numbers. It could not have anything to do with any part of your name or your employee identification number either. It expired every ninety days as well. The employees had the same policy, but they only had to have ten characters. You want to talk how difficult it is to keep up with a password then go to work at a hospital. They are ridiculous. What policies are in place at your Organization?
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