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Do the 5 ​Discussions- Follow the instructions

Discussion 1Research and Discuss a Disease
Choose a disease that affects public health. Research the prognosis, case fatality rate, and person-year. Discuss your findings. If you or someone close to you has been affected by this disease, please share the effects it can have on a family. Please include at least one reference.
Discussion 2 Local News and Public Health
Review your local news channel(s) over 1 to 2 days in search of public health news. Discuss your findings. If you are unable to find information, check your newspapers or library. List all references.
Discussion 3 Employment Opportunities
Go to Careers at CDC and locate “Jobs” using the drop down menus. Research the employment opportunities available in the area of public health. Discuss your findings. Is this an area of interest to you? Why or why not? List all references.
Discussion 4 Research Public Health
Research the Internet for “public health studies.” Discuss a current study in which research is being conducted in the area of public health. Why is this important to you as a consumer? What would you like to see in your community as a result of these types of studies?
Discussion 5 Public Health Event
Research a public health event occurring in your community within the next 90 days. If possible, attend the event and provide a summary of your outing. Research your state department of public health, Internet, and local news for details.The post Do the 5 ​Discussions- Follow the instructions first appeared on Nursing School Essays.

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