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Diversity Awareness Class – People W/ Disabilities Discussion

Topic: People with Disabilities
Format/Length: 1-2 pages | APA Format | MUST USE AT LEAST 2 COURSE RESOURCES
Due: Friday, November 5, 2021

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In this week’s materials, we’re exploring key concepts associated with disability and disability rights. Something you may have noticed as we have examined different kinds of diversity in this course is that in all these categories, there is an assumption about which state is “normal.” Last week, we saw that many white people don’t necessarily see themselves as having a race, because white is the “normal” category. Because of this, the experiences of Black, Latinx, Asian, Native American, and other non-white people can be invisible. In a similar way, our culture views non-disabled people as normal and may make the experiences of disabled people invisible. I encourage you to consider this idea as you work through the material this week.
Using at least 2 of the required resources this week, please answer the following questions:

In one of the week’s readings, Davis (2015) argues that disability is often left out of discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Why do you think this might be?
What does the term “TAB” (temporarily able-bodied) mean in the context of disability studies? What does this term add to your understanding of disability?
How might the concepts of intersectionality and privilege relate to the experiences of people with disabilities? Please give at least two examples.BEHS 220 Week 7 Required Resources
Adams, R., Reiss, B., & Serlin, D. (2015). Disability. In Keywords for Disability Studies, edited by R. Adams, B. Reiss, & D. Serlin. Pp. 5-11.
Davis, L.J. (2015). Chapter 19: Diversity. In Keywords for Disability Studies, edited by R. Adams, B. Reiss, & D. Serlin. Pp. 61-64.
Ridgway, S. (2013, March 5). 19 Examples of Ability Privilege. Everyday Feminism.
Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. (n.d.). People First Language.
Zayid, M. (2014, January).  I got 99 problems … palsy is just one [Video]. TED Conferences.

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