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Discussion response 1 week 5 | BUS 625 | Ashford University

As the quality control manager, based on my research the acceptable amount would be plus or minus .5 ounces. Any candy above or below the plus or minus .5 of the 12 ounces would have to be removed from the distribution line. The quality control technique I would implement to ensure better accuracy and hitting the 12oz mark would be an automated system that fills the Food and Drug Administration regulations. Since it is important each package to be closely within range of the targeted 12 ounces. Rodriguez (2021) shares that accurate, quality weighing symptoms are an important part of the quality control process.
According to a study on quality control by The University of Georgia (2010), as far as packaging and weight it is important to follow the below during the packaging process:-receive the ingredients from an approved supplier
-have set product formulas that take any guess work out of production on a large scale-ensure product standards set by the FDA are followed
-create and follow manufacturer procedures daily
-have critical control points throughout the production process to act as check points, and then analyze the product
-ensure label specifications are being followed per requirements
In an article by Hill (2016), he explains it is important to have a checkweigher who is the quality control enforcer and ensure products are meeting all standards and are the correct weight. The FTC clearly states in the following quote what the product labeling requirements are, “The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA or Act), enacted in 1967, directs the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration to issue regulations requiring that all “consumer commodities” be labeled to disclose net contents, identity of commodity, and name and place of business of the product’s manufacturer, packer, or distributor” (FTC, 2021).
Based on the above research, the below steps would be integrated.1. Ensure all equipment is reading weight accurately and is reliable2.. Purchase from an approved supplier

Automate set ingredient weights to eliminate weighing errors
Install a scale that each package must pass through before being labeled for distribution
Have checkweighers stationed at each major change in the process, at the exit of the scale to check on all product for weight issues and to review the final product to check for label errors

Prior to any work beginning, all individuals involved in the process would be educated on the FTC and FDA regulations and know how to spot violations. 

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