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Discussion post | History homework help

Listed below are 2 discussion post w/ the questions to be completed and the resource links for each post.
Discussion #11: The Great Migration
Engage: All relevant resources including “The Piano Lesson,” “Malcolm X: Make it Plain,”  (Optional: F&H Chapters 15, 16, 17, 12, 13, 14)”
Consider the various ways millions of Black individuals and families took matters in their own hands, without “leaders,” and migrated/moved out of the South to the North and urban areas, from World War I era through the modern civil rights period.  Also, consider those who moved/migrated from the Caribbean and Africa to settle in the U.S.  
Answer the following questions (with a fully developed paragraph per question/answer): 
-How would you define or describe the American “Great Migration” movement; and what were some of the motivations or reasons for this ‘demographic shift’ of many African Americans out of the South?
-What were at least 1 specific or general  “push” and 1 “pull” factor which motivated the Great Migration of many African Americans out of the rural south? 
-What are at least 2 Great Migration themes in August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” play/film; (what pull and/or push factors do you see illustrated/demonstrated in the play/film)? 
-As a tactical approach, to solve real problems/challenges, would you say the “leaderless” Great Migration movement was a tactic of accommodation, radical-protest, and/or nationalism; how so specifically?
-After exploring dynamics of the Great Migration, what are you left wondering about; what questions are left unanswered; and why? (Mandatory!)

F & H chapters PPT –
Discussion #12: Modern Civil Rights Tactics
Engage: All relevant unit resource; including “Malcolm X: Make it Plain” documentary, (F&H 19, 20 & 21) 
Consider the use of classical leadership tactics/approaches (accommodation, radical-protest and nationalism) to win the modern Civil Rights (1950-1960s) and Black Power (1965-1975) achievements (i.e., 1954 Brown v. Board of Ed. Supreme Court ruling; 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Voting Rights Act, …the creation of Black Studies, Afrocentricity, Hip-hop, etc.) And compare the effectiveness of each. 
In essay format, answer the following questions (a full paragraph for each question/answer with supportive resource details):
-Prior to the 1950-’60s modern civil rights/Black Power movement, which one or more of the leadership/organizational/movement tactics (accommodation, radical-protest and nationalism) was most effective in the fight against racist oppression (lynching, denied opportunity, etc.)?-What are some specific examples of how accommodation, radical-protest and/or nationalism tactics were used in the Modern (1950s-’60s) Civil Rights movement (Montgomery Bus Boycott, Emmett Till’s funeral, SNCC, SCLC, March on Washington, etc.)?-What was the most important achievement of the modern Civil Rights movement (i.e., voter registration, school desegregation, Civil Rights Act of 1964; Voting Rights Act of 1965, etc.) and how was this achievement attained? -What was the most important achievement of the Black Power movement (i.e., Black Studies, Kwanzaa, Black Panther Party Programs, African cultural revival, etc); by what tactic was this success attained?  -Having explored tactics and achievements of the modern Civil Rights and Black Power movements, what wonderments remain; what questions remain unanswered in your mind and why? (Mandatory!)
F & H chapters PPT –

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