discussion 6 workshop 1

Nursing Assessment
June 11, 2021
Project: Coaching Coaching Session 2 People often seek the assistance of coaches for support when they are trying to make positive changes in life. These changes can be as simple as arriving at work o
June 11, 2021

Welcome to our first Workshop of the semester. To participate in our asynchronous peer-review session, please complete the following four steps.

  1. Post your completed Writing Assignment 1 draft as an attached document. Your draft must be posted no later than 11:59 PM PST Monday March 4. On Tuesday morning (March 5), I will post the names of each student and his/her Workshop partner as an Announcement on Canvas, so stay tuned.
  1. Once you have determined your partner’s name on Tuesday morning, access Discussion 6, find your partner’s primary post with attached document, open his/her Writing Assignment 1 document, and evaluate the the summaries and responses based on the following four (4) areas: Rhetorical Précis, Response Paragraphs, Syntax, and Citations. Make sure to use thisWorkshop Evaluation Guide (‹— Use this link) to evaluate your partner’s WA1. Other reference guides that you may use in additionto the Workshop Evaluation Guide are:
      • the extensive checklist included in the Writing Assignment 1 instructional document
      • the Sample WA1
      • the Rhetorical Précis instructional document with all samples,
      • the Refutation/Rebuttal Resources
      • MLA web links
  1. Write a Workshop evaluation report of at least 300 words in length (length may vary and generally “should” exceed minimum). Make sure that it is broken up into four sections with bulleted suggestions, just as in the Workshop Evaluation Guide. Then, post your peer-evaluation report as a “Reply” to your partner’s primary post. Note: All Workshop evaluation reports must be posted no later than 11:59 PM PST Friday March 8. No exceptions, please.

Please note that to earn any credit for this assignment, you must post your draft and post an evaluation report for your partner.

  1. Review what your partner has suggested about your WA1 draft. If you find the information to be informative, beneficial, and applicable, then apply the respective suggestions to your revision. Continue revising your WA1 until you have reached a strong level of satisfaction with your work, then submit the final draft of your WA1 using the electronic portal on the Writing Assignment 1 page.


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