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discussion 2 parts – Lion Essays

Part 1 Answer to Discussion
Course Wrap-Up”  Please respond to the following:

Imagine you have completed your bachelor’s degree at Strayer and you are searching for a job in finance, accounting or business. Using various employment websites (i.e.,, find three (3) careers in finance that you are interested in applying to. Be sure to specifically address why you are interested in the career, what qualifications you have or may need to get this position, and where do you see yourself in this career long-term. Be sure to cite the website where you found each career.

Part 2 Reply to students statement
The business administrator will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the tasks and ensure that deadlines are met, they will prepare different analytics, monthly reports, and presentation.  Just to mention a few of the things that they have to do. I’m interested in this career because of there are many things that I’m familiar with using Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, and PowerPoint.  I will need to learn more about the analysis of numbers and the company.
The next one is Business Operations analysts, this person will work closely with Account Managers, Solutions Architects, and Professional Services consultants to deliver cloud migration projects. Candidate should be a self-starter with strong analytical, organization and communication skills. Some of the responsibilities for this job is to track information, monthly metrics reporting, develop and refresh all management dashboards.  There are a lot of things as in regards to this position that I’m already doing in my current job, such as tracking information, monthly reports, and others.  I will need to learn more about the company and expectations.
My third will be the business analyst, this person will do budget analyst and will perform a variety of detailed project management and financial management activities such as planning, tracking, analyzing and reporting contract performance.  This person will also monitor performance. The skills sets required and experience is very similar to the other two. I will need to learn more of the analytic subject and practice.
If I had my bachelor’s degree finding a job could be easier, but I also realize that is not the key to getting a job, I will need to start somewhere not a high level so I can get the experience and with time the experience will come.  It takes time and effort to get to a good position in a good company.

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