Discuss how in-class work or homework helped you in your writing.

Describe your personal philosophy of nursing using each of the four the metaparadigms in nursing:a. Patient: Describe what you believe about patients as human beings
September 5, 2018
d find evidence compose scholarly paper that describes telenuring as above and if its a good fit. Discusses Telehealth in detail advantages and disadvantages
September 5, 2018

English 107 Reflection paper

I need a 3 pages reflection essay Before you begin writing the reflection essay, look through the my previous essays attached and please write in the same way. Please follow all the instruction in details. Please develop the analysis, respond to only3-4 of the following questions:
· Consider your accomplishments this term. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of   your work in terms of both your writing process and your written texts.
·.Which essay(s) do you feel especially proud of? Explain why.
· Which essay did you learn the most from (in terms of your writing progress)? Describe what you learned.
· Describe revision strategies you found helpful. Explain why they were helpful.
· How did your critical thinking skills develop for any of the writing assignments?
· What kind of writing progress did you make in terms of English language development, including proper use of grammar and syntax, sentence fluency, etc.?
· Discuss how in-class work or homework helped you in your writing.
· What problems did you encounter as you progressed throughout the course? How did you attempt to solve these problems?