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Discuss Health problem and make Health Promotion, writing homework help

Health, Health Education, Health Promotion, and Health Policy
This assignment related to Health education course, work should cover both academic and health aspects. You may notice question are related and depend on each other. Assignment include five questions with clear requirements as below:
Question 1: select a health problem in there society and write a paragraph why they select this problem (it includes significance of the problem which contains statistical data national and international related to this problem).
Question 2: Ahmad wants to stop smoking. Choose one of the two following models, that are used to describe the stages a person would usually go through in the processes of behavioral change, to explain the stages that Ahmad will go through in order to get rid of this bad habit: (100 words)
The Trans-theoretical Model of Behavior Change
The Precaution Adoption Process Model

Question 3: Use conventional media to communicate health related information of your choice to your community. You should do the following:
Select printed mass media, either a poster or leaflet
Select a health-related issue
In one paragraph, explain the objectives of your poster or leaflet.
Design and develop a poster or leaflet to communicate your health related issue

Question 4: Based on the topic chosen in question 1:
which sectors might be interested to collaborate with you to plan/execute a health promoting program?
Name a target population for your program and then mention some probable barriers and challenges -for that specific community- to participate in your health promotion program.

Question 5: Design a health promotion programs including four phases (diagnosis, programme development, implementation, evaluation):
Identify program objectives
Develop a plan for building networks for collective action
Select the best ways of achieving the objectives at environmental and individual level; more specifically, the selection of strategies, messages, channels, and settings
Determine activities, including identification of necessary resources
Set a clear program plan

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