May 17, 2020
Response to a Poem
May 17, 2020

Research merits of physical discipline (generally classified as spanking but may include other forms of inflicting physical pain or exertion, i.e., pushups) versus alternative forms of discipline. Your paper must present support for both sides, rationalizations, and how to utilize them from a child development perspective properly. Basically, you are to argue both sides of the debate. Because this issue is not only informed from a psychology perspective, you may (and encouraged to do so) utilize supports from non-traditional scholarly sources. This may include but limited to religious texts, non-academic websites, and other cultural references (hint: if you are not referencing religious script you are missing a main argument of the pro side). I want you to attempt to counter every argument you present. You must conclude the paper with your own opinion and how you support your view.  *WRITE CONCLUSION IN SUPPORT OF ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF DISCIPLINE AND AGAINST PHYSICAL DISCIPLINE* Use at least 4 resources including “The Bible”.


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