DHS paper

Is it appropriate to include children and adolescents in social protest?
May 16, 2020
May 16, 2020

Week 4 will expand the student’s breadth and depth of the necessary restructuring of a massive government organization due to changing dynamics and responsibilities. Also students will better understand how protecting national critical assets is required for the safety and prosperity of the nation.

Student will read the two selected articles Critical Infrastructure Sector and Its Never to Late, Restructuring the Department of Homeland Security’s National Framework.

The article, Restructuring the Department of Homeland Security, students will present the reasons and rationale for restructuring DHS based on the articles findings. Part 2 of the assignment will be a review of the second article,Critical Infrastructure Sector.  Student should report on specific points including vertical and horizontal tactics, how cyber-security has changed operational and security initiatives, and the necessity for increased partnerships and higher levels of communication and collaboration between the private sector and government agencies.


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