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Develop an action plan, supported with evidence,development as a leader and learner…. 1 answer below »

· Be written in essay style. It is appropriate to use first person in the reflective components of your essay
· Choose Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font
· Double spacing. Include word count
· Cover sheet is NOT required. Please insert a Header with unit code & number, student name & number
PART TWO builds on your short reflection (1000 words maximum):
Develop an action plan, supported with evidence-based literature, to address the issues raised for your personal development as a leader and learner.
Your essay should (with approximate word limits):
· Provide a brief introduction outlining the structure of the essay (50 words).
· Develop and discuss clear strategies for each of the leadership challenges identified, supported with evidence-based literature (800 words)
· Draw some key conclusions about what you have learned from the unit assessment, including what you learned from the short personal reflection submitted as Part 1 (150 words)
Your assignment should be well-referenced. As a guide, you should have cited at least 10 journal articles for Part two. </pclass=”msonormal”>

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