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develop a research plan to address the research project proposed in Assignment 1. The research… 1 answer below »

Assignment 2 builds upon Assignment 1. Each student will develop a research plan to address the research project proposed in Assignment 1. The research plan will outline how the research project will be undertaken through qualitative methods, quantitative methods, or mixed methods, involving primary and/or secondary data collection. It should explain why the methods are appropriate for answering the research questions, and how the data is going to be collected, analysed, interpreted, and displayed by taking necessary approaches (e.g., interviews, surveys, Census) and using appropriate tools (e.g., Nvivo, Excel, SPSS). There should be a clear logical relationship between the research project and the research methods articulated through texts, visuals, or diagrams. The research plan should also provide research project management approach, including resources, timeline, feasibility, and risk management. The suggested word length is 2,000 words. The APA reference style should be used.
Assessment criteria:
Research methods: Appropriate and sophisticated methods to answer the research questions with quality assurance. (40%)
Articulation: A clearly articulated relationship between the research questions, methods, data and steps to implement them. (30%)
Project management: A project management approach with feasibility and trustworthiness. (20%)
Format: A well-organised structure and appropriate stylistics. (10%)

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