Design a welding jig

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February 8, 2018
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Manufacturing Tool Design Project
For the part show in the following drawing you are to design a welding jig sufficient to locate and clamp the part for the necessary welding operations. It is desired that if possible all welding operations should be preformed in a single jig. For cost reasons the use of welding positioners is not allowed and it is desired that the finished welding jig be a stand-alone assembly. Quantity is about 500 parts/month.

1. A process plan outline describing the sequence of operations.

2. A complete bill of materials, including any purchased parts and all materials required for construction of the welding jig.

3. Fully detailed drawings required for manufacture of the welding jig. This should include:

a) Assembly drawings

b) Separate drawings for each custom manufactured component.

4. Each drawing should include:

a) Title block

b) All necessary tolerances

c) Material

d) Any secondary operations

All drawings and modelling to me in CATIA and in inches.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar