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Describe your study design and justify why you have selected it as the best method to achieve your aim/test your hypothesis(s).

toxic fatResearch scenarioThe toxic fat and tar in lungs advertisements are examples of major health promotion campaigns aimed to reduce unhealthy behaviour among Australians. Your proposal will focus on investigating the impact of an advertisement (not limited to just calorie intake or smoking behaviour). You could also examine if these campaigns encourage individuals (symptomless individuals or at risk individuals) to change other risky health behaviour such as drinking speeding unsafe sex overdose.The first step is to do a literature search to identify any potential gaps in the literature or some key issues you believe would be useful in developing/supporting your research proposal. Ideally the literature should be recent (within the last 10 years) and not be published earlier than 2005. Once you have completed your literature search you should then be able to identify some research questions/hypotheses upon which you can build a research proposal. Please check the marking key in respect to how your assignment will be assessed.An exercise in Research DesignUsing the scenario that you selected develop a protocol (research proposal) for the study. In your research proposal you need to address the following:1. Brief review of literature (3-4 pages max) using in text citation [recommend that you learn Endnote] Identify the Research question state your objectives or hypothesis(s)2. Describe your study design and justify why you have selected it as the best method to achieve your aim/test your hypothesis(s). Check the assessment criteria as a guide (1 page max).3. Methodology (2 pages max). Check the assessment criteria as a guide. You will need to justify the decisions that you have made in respect to:Describe your sample method of recruitment (You are not required to do sample size calculations as this is beyond the unit content)Inclusion and exclusion criteria for your subjects.What are the potential confounders in this study? How would you manage them and if not why not?4. State outcome variable and how it will be assessed/measured A detailed data collection method describing what data will be collected by whom when where and how it will be collected. Check the assessment criteria as a guide (2 pages max).Describe the variables/content (independent variables and outcome variables) that you will be measuring/collectingA brief description of how the data will be analysed [Note that you are not collecting any data. This is how you plan to analyse your key variables eg what statistical tests would you use what level of significance how do you intend to report the descriptive statistics and the inferential statistics] Do you need to test for reliability/validity and how would you do this?A short data collection tool (you can use Survey Monkey for this even though you might not collect data via the internet you can still use it to record your observations). [Print this out and attach to your assignment.5. Ethical issues that need to be taken into consideration (1/2 page max)6. Your proposal/protocol should be correctly referenced and submitted with a cover page. You should be using ENDNOTE for this.The referencing system that has been adopted by the Faculty of Health Sciences is now APA6.In text citation and URL for all the references in the reference list is a must. You should number your pages and use a footer that includes you name and student number.NoteYou are not expected to perform a sample size calculation or provide a budget or timeline.You can assume that a national health organization will have sufficient resources to fund the study appropriately.Please use 1.5 spacing Times New Roman with a font size of 12.Refer to the marking key in terms of how you will be assessed. This should provide you with a guide in terms of what is expected in your proposal.The most important things is to (1) ensure all the study design sampling techniques data collection methods align with your stated research objective(s) of your study and (2) that you justify your choice of study design sampling techniques data collection methods.


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