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Describe some healthy ways to cope with stress.

draw it using Visio and online clinic system
You will draw two diagrams: a Context Diagram and a Level 0 Diagram detailing the following process. Note: The Context is a “high-level” DFD. Level 0 is the next level. It “explodes” all the processes found in the Context. (Note: In examining DFDs, some researchers use this schema: Context>Level 0>Level 1… But others use Context>Level 1>Level 2…)
A healthcare center in Baltimore employs seven doctors and two receptionists. Patients are registered with one doctor but can arrange appointments with any available one. These appointments may subsequently be canceled. Some appointments result in prescriptions, identifying a medicine to be taken. New patients are registered by a receptionist. When a patient is registered, he provides details such as name, date of birth, address and health insurance information. He then receives a unique patient number. To book an appointment, a patient contacts a receptionist. The patient provides the patient ID number (or date of birth) and the receptionist provides a list of available times for appointments. The appointment is booked with the patient’s doctor or if the patient’s doctor is not available with any available doctor. The date and time of the appointment are confirmed.
Patients can cancel booked appointments by contacting a receptionist who will cancel appointments. When a patient comes to the center, he checks-in first with a receptionist. The patient gives his number (or date of birth). After the doctor visit, the doctor records the outcomes and details of prescriptions (if any) during the appointments. All prescriptions issued by doctors are recorded in the patient’s record. If an additional appointment is needed, he visits the receptionist to schedule another appointment. You have several options for drawing the DFD. You can use Powerpoint, Word, Visio, or this free DFD template:

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