Morals and Ethics in Society
December 15, 2017
Marketing 6 Ford F-150 Truck
December 15, 2017

Create and populate a small normalized database in MS-Access that will schedule and track payments for a small inn. You have eight rooms in the inn. Two have two double beds, five have two queen beds, and the suite has a king bed with sleeper sofa in the living room. You have two cots that can be added to any of the rooms for a maximum of five occupants per room. The cost for the rooms are: $95/night for the doubles, $105/night for the queens, and $125/night for the suite. There is a $25/night additional charge for the cots. Develop a database that will maintain a customer list, a room/feature list, and rental information.
You will need at least three normalized tables to do this project correctly.