Cybersecurity or some other topic from political science

Please read Chapter 2: ‘The Market System and the Circular Flow’. This chapter is discussing one possible classification of economic systems. Do you agree with this classification? What you think is the Mixed Economy? What are some countries that haveAnswers 1Bids 58Other questions 10
December 14, 2019
Life Cycle Nutrition and Chronic Disease
December 15, 2019

Research question from Cybersecurity, cyberwar and politics, research topic should be from political science, country for concentration Georgia, there is chance concentration only on Georgia may not be enough so other country examples is also welcomed. Literature based research. If it is not possible to come up with good quality research question from this topic then some other topic from political science is also welcomed, for example conflict area studies like South ossetia and abkhazia now Russian occupied territories from Georgia some research question about this topic, priority for me is that research should be based on some political science issue concentrating on Georgia.

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