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CUL710 Assignment Research and Reflect upon a Work of Art Worth: 10% Due: October 14, 2016… 1 answer below »

CUL710 Assignment
Research and Reflect upon a Work of Art
Worth: 10%
Due:October 14, 2016
Length:Approximately 600-700 words (approximately two to three typed double-spaced pages).
Research and write about one piece of art.
Include information about the work of art, the artist, and the context in which the art was created. Use some of the concepts and vocabulary that we covered in class to discuss the work. For example, you could discuss aspects of its content, visual form (e.g., composition, colour, texture), style (e.g., abstracted, surreal, etc.), whether it is a piece of fine art, craft or a work of popular culture, etc. Be sure to extend the information given in the textbook and in the lectures with research. Please note you will also be graded on your spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Then write a personal reflection about this piece. As part of your personal reflection, explain why you chose this work of art, what it evokes for you, whether the work has any personal significance, etc. Also include a picture of the work and, if relevant, pictures of any other artwork that you may reference to illustrate a point that you are making. Be sure to include in-text citations and a Works Cited list in MLA style. Any pictures should also be properly cited.
Make sure its MLA citation!

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