Critical evaluation of peer’s coursework

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May 17, 2020
Modulation at the transmitter
May 17, 2020

Critical evaluation of peer’s coursework:

The peer’s coursework is CW1 21 and the case study is attached.

More than 5 high quality references (Books and Journal Papers). This review will be marked on  critical evaluation in line with the guidance given to the writer and its basis in academic literature.

The writer’s instructions were:
Research the history and development of waste management over the last 30 years to produce an individual report reviewing the environmental risks.
Carry out research into the area detailed above considering:
The global and UK situation with regards to waste management.
You should particularly concentrate on:
(1)Communicating how plastic waste management systems in the UK have developed over the last 30 years;
(2)How environmental, economic and social factors have impacted these developments;
(3) Future options in the selection of methods of plastic waste management systems in the future for the UK and their advantages and disadvantages.
(4)How the environmental responsibilities of governments, planners, engineers and other stakeholders have been implemented.


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