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Critical analysis reflective paper (1000 words)Background The changing nature of the workplace In… 1 answer below »

Critical analysis reflective paper (1000 words)BackgroundThe changing nature of the workplace In the1990’s the workplace was predominantly stable with many staff staying with the organisation or with a view to for life.In 2017, this traditional career arrangement is challenged. Rather, today the workforce has less full time employees andmore contractors, part time, shared roles, people working remotely and casual workers employed on a needs or demandbasis. As well, the nature of work has also changing, due mainly to higher levels of technology, while disruptive innovationsare creating new industries and business models, and destroying old ones. In truth, many of the roles and job titles oftomorrow will be ones we’ve not even thought of yet. Given these changes, there are implications for workplace skillsand so also for management education. The TaskCritically discuss the implications for workplace skills and management education given the changing workplace and workforce composition. Tip: Use research – read the text, plus a minimum of 6 x recent (2014 onwards) journal articles (not Google or Wiki)Step 1: Read the Assessment rubric – Appendix 1 of this Guide.Step 2: Locate and read some recent (2014 onwards) journalarticles (research) to support your report – there are some readings on VU Collaborate (Readings – Assignment One), but you’re expected to find more current journal articles. Step 3: Using your research to support your views, write a report addressing the following structure and points:1.An Introduction2.Discuss the changing nature of work – a short review of important issues and explain why these are important.a.Are there other changes you predict based on your research for the workplace in the next 5-10 years? 3.Critique the implications of the changed/changing workplace for workers and for their managers? a.Identify any strains, dilemmas and contradictions facing management education4.Finally, as a manager, draw some evaluative conclusions on things you will need to know and do in order tosurvive and thrive in this uncertain future?5.A Conclusion

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