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February 8, 2018
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Safety is paramount in any crime, punishment, and poverty industry. This multi-million industry requires skilled sonnel when it comes to the handling of equipment as well as ascertaining that every single machine works as it should. Lockheed Martin is an aviation company that is responsible for the production of hundreds of military jets and aircraft whose sole aim is to help protect the more than 70 countries which rely on them to help safeguard the nation (Martin, 2012). This renowned aeronautic industry is responsible for the production of the finest military aircraft which have continued to be used to enhance state security and even during warfares. As such, quality planes and jets which can withstand all aspects of tension and attacks in case of war are paramount (Rouse, 2011).
Working as an aviation maintenance technician has always been my dream. This quest is because not only I m I passionate about ensuring that machinery works well, but customer satisfaction has always been my desire. Lockheed Martin is no doubt an aviation industry that I would like affiliation to. It would give me absolute pleasure to offer my expertise to the company consequently helping in my growth.

I am a self-driven individual who is not only keen on quality service delivery, but I also take initiatives to identify problems and devise ways of solving them without having to be required. I am also a leader who pushes my team to achieve the highest possible results with a keen sense of goal achievement and quality maintenance.
My dream is to be among the senior managers of the company in the next ten years. This position will enable me to be able to use my expertise in leadership to redirect the functioning of the company to greater heights. I will ensure better quality and service deliverance and help make the company into the global company it can potentially be. To achieve this, I will encourage investment in skilled and professional personnel and as well as technology which will enable us to make strides towards producing higher quality air crafts.
I am a highly-trained maintenance technician who graduated with first class honors from the military school house. Further, I used my knowledge and drive to advance my Marine Corps career. I oversee maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting of all fighter jets my squadron possesses, and this has enabled me to gain deep insight as to the proper functionality of aircrafts. Using my keen insight, I have been able to identify gaps which the Marine Corps Fleet could use to produce even higher quality planes.
My self-drive continues to remain unmatched since passion drives me. For this purpose, I am always willing to put in extra time to ensure that every detail functions as it should and I am always looking and researching for better ways to best solve any arising issues.

The aviation company is one of the most sensitive industries which require absolute commitment and seriousness since a minor defect of the problem may lead to catastrophic consequences. Self-drive is a must for any person engaging in this industry since it enhances diligence and ability to point out issues even before they arise.
A single aircraft requires substantial capital to be developed (Devons,2013), and so it is paramount to ensure that the work put into it involves the best quality material and best-skilled personnel to prevent problems which may not only result in the loss of thousands of dollars but also the imminent loss of lives.
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