Course Project Part 6

Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018


Click HerePreview the documentView in a new window to download and read the scenario for Course Project Part 6 Answer the questions below.  Write your answers in complete sentences. You may need to use additional resources outside of your textbook to complete this part of your project. Please be sure to cite any sources you may use with APA and include a Reference page.

You have also used the line listing to analyze the time association with the GI illness. Table 2 (below) contains the list of the times each resident became ill (illness onset).

project 6 table 2

Based on your suspicion of a food as the cause of the illnesses, you studied the menu of meals the residents consumed 24 and 48 hours prior to the GI illness. Items on the menu include:

Project 6 menu

The next step in your investigation is developing a hypothesis. A hypothesis is simply a suspicion of how the EATC residents became ill. When creating hypotheses consider all the facts you know about the illness (agent), the possible conditions (environment) the agent must have to become infectious, and who (host) is at risk for the disease. Also consider the potential time of exposure to the disease, the place in which exposure could have occurred and who could have been exposed. The next step in the investigation is to evaluate your hypothesis so the more specific and factual your hypothesis the more likely your evaluation will be useful.