Course animal physiology –

The emotional experiences of conversion from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia-Carers Perspective”.
June 11, 2021
For your Final Project, you will select three case studies from the given set. Each case scenario represents a different type of offender  (e.g., mentally disordered offender, sex offender, violent o
June 11, 2021

Course animal physiology
focus on the topic Adaptations related to anoxic animals do not be too general.
Paper requirements:
For the paper, students will summarize the current physiology and use a specific animal example or examples to represent the physiological implications.   Several topics are significantly broad in nature; therefore, you may focus on one particular aspect of the topic for the paper my topic is (Adaptations related to anoxic animals).Also, the paper should include discussion of at least one current, new study from a primary research article (peer-reviewed).
Paper requirements:
1.  The paper must:
•    Include a title page (not counted as one of the six pages)
•    Be a Minimum of 6 pages in length
o    double spaced
o    font no greater than 12 point
o    one inch margins for all pages
•    include a Bibliography (Works Cited, References) page (not counted as one of the six pages)
•    cite references throughout the paper.  The Works Cited / Bibliography page should contain the source information including the following:
o    for journal articles, all authors, title, journal name, date, volume and page numbers
o    for books:  all authors, title, publisher, year, and page numbers
Please refer to
2.  Required sources/references:
•    a minimum of five sources for the paper
•    at least one source should be a primary research article (peer-reviewed).We will discuss in class examples of primary research articles.
•    books and journals may be utilized as sources.
•    onlyone online source (other than a scientific journal article that is available online) for this paper may be used.  If you use an online source (other than a journal article), include the URL in the Bibliography.
For more information on writing a term paper, please refer to:


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