Complete the follow DQs below and in attachment

Dichotic Listening Task
January 5, 2021
January 5, 2021

Complete the follow DQs below & in the attachment below

8.(ch.7)(respond back to post 190/200 words)( you can also ask questions in the response post) This chapter focuses on creating your personal brand with a neat, complete, and professional-looking resume, cover letter, and portfolio. It also delves into establishing reliable references, designing a business card, and filing out applications. Interesting point discussed in the chapter Your Brand, brand often refer to a trademark, label, design, or symbol associated with a product- for example, the Nike swoosh, the Coke name, or particular type of coffee. However brand also refers to unique characteristics that identify any product, and that product can include you. The chapter focuses on the marketing collateral you must develop to define your brand and promote yourself. It includes: Resume. A one-or two-page document that summarizes your career goal, experience, and skills. Cover letter. A brief letter that introduces you to a potential employer and explains why you are interested in a particular position and what you have to offer. References. A list of individuals who can vouch for your character and your abilities. Portfolio. Samples of work you have done that demonstrate your skills and talents. Business card. A small calling card that serves as a way to introduce who you are and what you do. Elevator speech. A short piece of marketing material that you say out loud when you meet someone for the first time.

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