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ENG 2322
May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021


Throughout this unit, we have discussed ways that illustrations can help to convey a point or to exemplify an idea that a writer is trying to communicate. No doubt, you find yourself in situations all the time in which you must use illustrations. Think about a time when you conveyed a point to someone—a friend, relative, coworker, or colleague—and used an exceptionally apt illustration to drive home a point. You can also write about a time that someone provided you with an enlightening example that crystalized an idea for you. You might also choose to write about how you use illustrations in your daily life.

Do you use illustrations to teach others? How have you used examples to win an argument, teach your child a difficult lesson, or to explain a problem? In what ways are illustrations a part of your daily interactions with others?


The textbook stresses the importance of being aware of the impression that we make on others. In fact, it is critically important to remember that your social media presence can set a precedent for you before someone even makes your acquaintance. What does your social media presence reveal about you? Google yourself. What do you see? What would a potential employer think if he or she did the same? How could your social media presence today impact your future career opportunities?


In this unit, Paul and Elder address the importance of redefining grades and levels of learning. Have you ever heard the cliche, the A-students will end up working for the C-students one day.Do you think that is an accurate statement based on your experiences? Explain what you believe the saying means and what is says about conventional wisdom concerning the importance of grades.

Your explanations should have reasons that support them and you should make use of the concepts in the textbook.


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