Company Selection & Summary

Overcoming Public Disinterestedness
May 19, 2020
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May 19, 2020

You may submit your company choice here throughout weeks 1-4. You must choose a company and it must be approved by the end of week 4. You only need to post the company name and a short 1-paragraph summary of your plans for your term paper in the submission box – this is all that is required for this component of the assignment. If you receive a grade for this assignment, this means your project has been approved. The instructor will ask you to resubmit if not approved. Be sure to fully review the syllabus term paper instructions before submitting your company selection and summary. This is worth 20% of your term paper grade so be sure you complete this assignment on time.

Term Paper Requirements

The term paper is a comprehensive semester-long project. Students will complete this project in the steps described below. Your Term Paper is your major contribution, where you will exhibit your learning. Students will develop a business plan for a future business operation in any area that might be related to sports: Sports team, athletic facility (gym, stadium, arena, etc.), services (medical, recreational, etc), or other. In your plan, consider the following suggested (but not required) elements:

Marketing plan – What is the size of market you will go after? How would you assess that? What ways and means would you engage to explore and win the necessary market segments for your success.
Financial plan – Where would the initial capital come from? Predict the cash flow in the first months of the operation. When is your break-even point expected to appear? How would you finance the business growth? How would you finance operational costs?
Legal Plan – What legal challenges would have to be addressed? How would you make sure that your business is in accordance with the law?
Business operation – Develop an organizational structure. Discuss positions that would have to be filled. How many employees in those positions, planned compensation, required qualifications? I What will you use for a facility? Will it be rented, owned, constructed, or adapted? Where is the location? What is the cost of acquiring and cost of maintenance?