Community Assessment Assignment paper

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February 8, 2018
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Community Assessment Assignment paper
EPAS 2.1.9 Respond to contexts that shape practice. (pb a,b)
Students are to write a community assessment (minimum 1000 words) that assesses the community where they live or work. Students will follow the model provided in Consensus Organizing: A Community Development Workbook (Ohmer & DeMasi, 2009). Students will utilize APA 6th Ed. format and citation conventions and should use Times New Roman 12 point font. Students will utilize a minimum of two scholarly journal articles in addition to course materials/textbooks to assist in completion of this assignment. A rubric is provided.
Use the table on pp. 178-179 Ohmer & DeMasi to begin your Community Assessment Assignment.
Use the table on pp. 156-157 Ohmer & DeMasi to continue your Community Assessment Assignment.
Use the table on pp. 199-201 of Ohmer & DeMasi to complete your Community Assessment Assignment.
Utilize the section II wrap-up (begins on p. 205 of Ohmer & DeMasi, 2009) and the tables to complete a community assessment for the community in which you live or work.
Remember to review the rubric to ensure that you are including all of the necessary information.