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Coburn, g (2015). a psychological analysis of behavioral consumeri

Coburn, G (2015). A Psychological Analysis of Behavioral Consumerism: Advertising, Decision-Making, and its Implications for Retailers. CMC Senior Theses. Retrieved from
Heinberg, R. (2014). The brief tragic reign of consumerism… and the birth of a happy alternative. Fellowship, 78(1-3), 28-31. Retrieved from Proquest Central from the Touro Library
Kostadinova, E. (2016). Sustainable Consumer Behavior: Literature Overview. Economic Alternatives, 2, 224-234. Retrieved from
The RSA (2016). Frank Trentmann on Consumerism [Video file]. Retrieved from (22:26)
question 1. After reviewing the assigned materials, explore the various advertizing, social and psychological factors that contributed to the rise of consumerism in the 20th century 
question 2 2a. After reviewing the assigned materials, elaborate on 4 key recent psychology related research findings about sustainable consumer behaviors.
2b. Compare and contrast the impact of consumerism versus sustainable consumer behaviors in your own life. Please provide specific examples.

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