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Civic Engagement Essay

many ways in which every day Americans have participated in democracy. This assignment asks you to think about the United States as a force for democracy in war, and the ways in which American freedoms are protected and promoted (or not) in wartime. STEP ONE: Read Roark, et al. The American Promise, Chapter 25. STEP TWO: Explore these resources to learn more about FDR’s ‘Four Freedoms’ Speech on January 6, 1941:
STEP THREE: Explore these resources to learn more about President Obama’s ‘Four Big Questions” Speech (2016 State of the Union address) :
STEP FOUR: After having read, listened to, and analyzed the two speeches, respond to the following set of questions:
Compare and contrast FDR’s “Four Freedoms” to President Obama’s “Four Big Questions.” How are each president’s points similar How do they differ Both speeches attempt to instill confidence in American democracy and freedoms. In what ways were the presidents successful, and in what ways do their respective speeches fall short Explain your answer by citing specific examples and quotes from the sources.

1. Address every question. Be sure to answer every question in the prompt.
2. Organize your thoughts and your argument. Include an introduction that lays out the main argument (thesis). Develop your argument and provide evidence in the body of the response. Conclude the essay with a brief summary.
3. Prove your point. Provide ample evidence to support your argument(s) by providing concrete examples and quotations from your reading. Cite relevant people, places, and events. At a minimum, you are required to rely on the textbook and the sources identified in the prompt as evidence. You may consult additional sources of evidence, but you must cite them very carefully.
4. Think for yourself. A

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