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CHE 462 ASU Fracking Water Reclamation

You need first to read the file of Fracking Water Reclamation, and then you need to read report memo solution for Fracking Water Reclamation solutions.
There are four solutions in the memo are:
• A Superhydrophilic filter that would be one of the important methods that can remove about 90% of hydrocarbons, particulates, bacteria from polluted water that occurred from fracking process.
• Filtering fracking water through plasma.• Utilize pecan shell based activated carbon (PSBAC) in the adsorption process.
• Supported the hydraulic fracking by breathers.

** The project objective is to maximize ROI ( read the file uploaded which is called Fracking Water Reclamation for more explanation regarding the project report)
** choose one of these solutions above that you prefer and explain why you have picked it and write 2-3 pages regarding the solution you have chosen. I uploaded a file of an example of how it should be written to follow the instructions as well as I uploaded another file to give the instructions of how to write it. (please follow the instruction in order to make it simple)
**NO plagiarism!
use the following references:…309472.311980..312135…0.0..0.0.0…….6….1..gws-wiz.UKw5KUF2zV0…
You can use other websites from your own. Thanks!

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