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June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021

Review Chapters 13, 14, and 18 in the course textbook.

Chapter 13, Shareholder Rights and Corporate Governance

Chapter 14, Consumer Protection

Chapter 18, The Community and the Corporation

Along with the chapter readings, pay particular attention to the following case in Chapter 13:

Whole Foods Adopts Egalitarian Compensation Policies – But Fights Back on Board Elections

Prepare a 500-word posting identifying the major points from the chapter readings. Conclude the post by considering the following case questions:

  1. If you owned shares of stock in Whole Foods, would you support McRitchie’s 3-and-3 proposal or the company’s 5-and-5 proposal? Why?
  2. How does Whole Food’s executive compensation practices compare with those of other firms, as described in this chapter? Do you think Whole Foods’ approach is better or worse than that of most other companies, and why?
  3. Some companies described in the case have voluntarily supported greater proxy access for shareholders. What do you think has motivated them to do so?
  4. Several business support groups mentioned in the case have opposed greater proxy access for shareholders. What do you think has motivated them to do so?
  5. Do you believe Whole Food’s opposition to expanded proxy access is consistent or inconsistent with other aspects of the company’s culture and policies?

This initial post should be completed in next 4 days. Once you submit this post i will send you posts of 2 classmates and you will have to provide meaningful comment or question (150 words minimum) to the postings of two classmates on 5th day


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