case study (nursing)

What methods can organizations use to communicate the initial strategic plan and provide routine updates?
May 5, 2021
i have two questions you should answer each question with a minimum of 700 words to maximum 1000 words you can use outside source but you have to paraphrase everything should be in your own words you should use apa format for references
May 5, 2021

You are the Registered Nurse caring for Tom, you will need to process the information provided to:

identify the issues

establish goals (what do you want to happen)

select a course of action (what are you going to do)

A good starting point is to ensure you research and understand the terms above which are in bold.

Module three will provide you with a range of resources to assist you with your case study.


1- Please write your paper in the first person.

2- You may use headings, images, tables and dot points to convey information.

3- For the purpose of this assessment task Tom lives in Tasmania.

4- Please read the rubric for this assessment before you start writing.

5- use references in text and list (Harvard style) 8 references at least.

Just follow Tasmanian legislation.


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