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Assignment 3: Developmental Psychology Research Designs 3 pages only
January 8, 2021
government and business
January 8, 2021

Social Control Theory is one of my very favorite theories and directly applies to all aspects of the criminal justice system and society’s attempt to control and/or explain criminal conduct. Study this chapter closely and let me know your thoughts on this theory by completing the attached writing assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Students are to write and submit an essay (approximately 3 pages in length) that answers the following items:

1) Define and fully analyze Social Control Theory. How does it apply to the criminal justice system? Do you support this theory? (Why or Why not?)

2) Do you believe laws that attempt to control offender conduct work, in contrast to laws that attempt to rehabilitate an offender? (Explain and provide an example supporting your viewpoint.)

Provide source references at the end of your essay for those portions of your essay that are not your own individual work. Note: The majority of your essay needs to be your own work and analysis.


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