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Business week2 | Management homework help

After completing this week’s reading assignments, and after viewing the video on marketing, please respond to the following questions:
1. Have you ever been exposed (either academically or professionally) to the 3 major financial statements? If so, please share your experiences. If not, now that you have read about them, how do you think they will help you in your personal and/or professional life.
2. Of the few financial ratios discussed this week, which one do you think is important to know when applying for a job, or investing in, any for-profit organization?
3. As it relates to Chapter 13, view the E*TRADE commercial in the Week 2 material. What market segment are the targeting? What benefits/value does E*TRADE offer? Did the commercial capture your attention? Why or why not?

4. Visit either the Tiffany and Walmart websites, or the Godiva and Hershey websites. What products do they offer? Do they serve different market segments? How does each create value? Do you think your choices are influenced by reference groups? Why or why not?
Make sure you respond to at least 2 classmates’ postings.

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