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Absence Culture vs. Absence Policy
April 9, 2021
how can slater help us see konnikova s claims in a new way or can she
April 9, 2021

Instructions: An answer that is merely a statement of your conclusions will receive little or no credit. Too brief an answer is undesirable. All aspects of the problems resolution should be fully reviewed. An answer should show recognition of the issues presented by the question, an understanding of the material facts, the principles of law applicable, and the reasoning relied upon by you to support your conclusion. Make your answers complete, but try not to volunteer information that is not material to the issues raised in the question. The value assigned to your response does not depend as much upon the conclusion as it does upon the evidence it displays of your ability to analyze and develop a rational resolution to the issues raised by the question.

Statement: The state of Michigan wants to limit under-age drinking so they enact a statute prohibiting out of state wineries from selling wine directly to Michigan’s in-state customers—these wineries must go through distributors. In-state wineries, however, can still sell directly to in-state customers (they don’t have to use distributors). An out of state winery challenges Michigan’s law on Constitutional grounds. Using the IRAC method above, be sure to discuss what the Constitutional challenge is and arguments for both sides.


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