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Biological scientific method assignment |

First, how comfortable are you with the scientific method? Please watch/review this primer to the Scientific Method before you begin if your skills from high school could use a little refresh: Kahn Academy (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。
Then jump into the work! Below is a video overview of our assignment: (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。
The scientific method allows scientists to have a process by which methodical observations, inquiry and discovery can be made.*Please note – some people will combine these steps and present a 5 step model – both are correct, it is just style preference.
Read this post in its entirety BEFORE starting your work. This is a mental exercise and you will need to do some research on what other people are doing in real life on this issue to help model your project upon. Think big! Although you will not actually carry out this research project, it is an opportunity to practice science like scientists do. When we create a new research project, we start by seeing what other people have done and create a proposal to get funding and approval of our idea. If you design any experiment that can be done in your home/kitchen you will get a zero.
An experiment is to gain new knowledge. As university students, we already know that ice melts. Just like you can’t possibly understand the impact of drought on the food availability for Yellowstone wolves by studying your dog’s eating habits, you cannot study issues like global climate change by “experimenting” on ice or ice cream or any such thing in your kitchen. To study a global issue, you need to be able to extrapolate your data on a larger scale.
Your Assignment:
Part 1: Apply the scientific method to a specific biologicalproblem/issue/observation and post into this thread. This is a mental and written application of the scientific method. You are not required to actually do a physical experiment. You can review Chapter 1 in JoVE if you need a refresher. Your answers must be related to biology and operate within the confines of reality as we currently know and collectively accept it in the scientific community. Please leave the questions as part of your post to make it easier for people to read.
Once you post, you will see everyone else’s posts. Then…
Part 2: Choose one student that does not have any feedback under their original post and respond with two specific aspects/parts of their work you found interesting or enjoyable and one specific, actionable piece that could be improved upon. Think about the logic, argument, and reputability of the information presented. Does their experiment make logical sense?
Feedback and critique makes us all better at everything, but it can be hard to take. Make sure you are using the utmost care and consideration in your language and never make it personal, it is always about the work not the person. The critique needs to be a minimum of 150 words.
Part 1: Find a biological problem/question you wish to solve. This could be climate change, habitat loss, invasive species, pollution… just to name a few). Again, your answers must be related to biology and operate within the confines of reality as we currently know and collectively accept it in the scientific community. If you use the garlic & snail example from the textbook video, you will get a zero.
A. What is the problem/issue you are exploring?
B. What were some of your initial questions about this problem/issue?
C. Do some actual research online (journals/reputable articles/etc.) on what others are doing/have done to study this issue. Where did you find your sources?
D. What is your Hypothesis? This should be a statement that could be supported or refuted. Do not discuss your personal opinion on whether you think the hypothesis will be supported or not at this stage. Just clearly state your hypothesis.
E. Describe your brilliant experiment. Do some online research on methods that other scientists are actually using. You have a limitless budget. Describe the methodology, technology and personnel you plan to use.You will not actually be carrying out this research of course. Just writing about it.
F. What is your independent variable? What is your dependent variable?
G. What results would you expect to find from your experiment (yes, this will be invented based upon your knowledge of the subject thus far – and here is where we are applying much more imagination than we would in an actual experiment)?
H. How will you communicate your findings to the world? Be creative and professional and do not state that you will simply boost your findings on social media. How do professional scientists communicate verified information?
Once you are finished answering these questions, post your responses (with the questions) to this thread and continue on with part 2 – critiquing one student’s post. See above for details.

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