Assignment A

Why and how did WW1 start?
May 18, 2020
dissemination of your EBP project
May 18, 2020

Marks: 10 ten questions each worth one mark. You must have the correct answer and a correct explanation plus working, to gain the marks allocated to each question (you must provide two solutions, one as if you were answering the questions for the exam [but typed] and one in excel). Failure to provide both will result in a mark of zero for the question. Include cash flow maps and/or tables wherever possible. Avoid rounding error. Providing a formula and the final answer, without showing the working is not enough.
Weight: 10%.
Format: Calculation and brief working or short answer with explanation as well as the calculation solved in an Excel spreadsheet. For each calculation you must provide a manual solution and a solution using excel. Typing straight into excel without doing the calculations in excel does not qualify as solving in excel. Use the excel template provided. Do all the assignment with explanations in excel and upload one file. Type your explanation and manual answer in text boxes. See the example file provided on Blackboard.
Word Limit:  A few pages (500 words as a very rough guide; mostly calculations)
Due: see Blackboard
The assignment must be done in excel and must be your own work (scanned documents are not acceptable). Under no circumstances should you use submit a hard copy.
Make sure to highlight or underline your final answer/s in some way. (e.g. Answer = $5089)
Upload a soft copy of your Excel file to Blackboard under Assessment by the due date and time (must be Microsoft compatible). Failure to upload will result in a mark of zero. Keep a copy of your assignment. If you have problems uploading your file/s then send them by email (before due date and time) to
Assignments submitted after the due date (late assignments) cannot be uploaded to Blackboard. Instead, they need to be emailed directly to John Polichronis j.
Late submissions will receive a mark of zero. Please be aware that the suggested solution will be released within one day or so of the submission date, so any assignment submitted after the due date and time will attract a score of zero.
Extensions will only be granted in very, very exceptional circumstances, and will normally take the form of a different assignment.
A hard copy is not required.
Try to be as accurate as possible. Unless otherwise told you should use the following approach:
PV and FV accurate to the nearest dollar
Prices accurate to two decimal places (to the nearest cent)
Rates accurate to one basis point


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