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Assignment 2: Written Assignment – Social Media in a Business Environment Write a 3-4 page paper on.

Assignment 2: Written Assignment – Social Media in a Business Environment
Write a 3-4 page paper on the issue of using in a .  You may choose to address the issue from either the pro or con perspective.  You may also include references to how your current organization (or an organization you are familiar with) uses or refuses to use social media.  Keep in mind this is not about personal social media, but rather the use of social media for business purposes. In your analysis include a section on the ethical dimensions of using social media from a business perspective and specifically address one of the Jesuit Values in your ethical discussion.  You will find information about the Jesuit Values by going to the following URL.
You must use at least 4 resources. Your paper should adhere to APA style guidelines and include a cover page and references page.  For a refresher on APA style guidelines select the following URL.
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The Pros of social media in the corporate environment
            Social media has had a huge impact in people’s lives today. The lives of most people in the modern world revolve around social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This aspect has led to some firms employing it as a marketing tool. However, some firms still believe that social media does not have any advantages in the corporate world, thus only suitable for social interactions. However, this is not the case as some firms have ended up benefiting a lot as a result of employing social media as a marketing tool (Girard & Girard, 2011). According to a report from the Hubspot, over 92% of marketers claimed that social media was a very important tool for businesses in 2014. These marketers…
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