assignment 2 174

Data Analysis of Selected Statistical Test
April 8, 2021
To what extent do you think cultural beliefs, values, and traditions may impact health education efforts? To what extent do you think cultural beliefs, values, and traditions may enhance health education efforts?
April 8, 2021

First, what is “normal science” according to Kuhn as described in the Chapter’s essay by Dr Aiello? Likewise, what is a “paradigm?” What is the notion of “insularity” have to do with normal science-and what is it’s role in the process of a scientific revolution? When you consider the notion of “insularity” and the science of AI-what concerns or issues might arise?

Finally-check out one of the Twitter feeds at the end of the Chapter 19 (Sherry Turkle on Technology and Identity/the Verge on history, technology, art and culture/TED Talks….and report back on something that you found that was pretty cool or interesting….

Remember to include your citation formats in APA style-see Library Guide for iBooks citations.

Here’s the format for citing a Twitter feed and accompanying url.

Username. (Year, Month Date). Tweet text [Tweet]. Retrieved from URL


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