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Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Paper details:Context Example
Goals: Practice observational techniques for analyzing behavior in context a framework by Jane Fulton Suri “Thoughtless Acts” (below):

1) Review the videos posted below and describe what is happening and behaviors that you observe (200-300 words). Pay attention to use of space and objects together as well as communication and body language.

( OR find your own video or 3 examples from images)

( I suggest you spend 30 minutes of analysis time for each video)

2) Find 3 examples from the framework below and describe each element of what you observed and what this might indicate for design of space, objects, interaction etc. e.g “in video A the use of X is an examples of “Adapting” etc.. .”

(200 words for each example)

From Jane Fulton Suri:

Humans automatically interact with objects and spaces we encounter. This is part of discovery, the action cycle, and learning.

Objects and spaces have qualities and features that prompt us to behave in particular ways – affordances.

Humans take opportunities present in their immediate surroundings to meet their needs as best they can.

Humans may alter the purpose or context of things to meet their needs or objective

Humans can better take advantage of physical and mechanical qualities that they understand – testing affordances and then choosing to use or not use.

Humans learn patterns of behavior from others in our social and cultural group – the use of spaces or objects in certain places or situations


Humans use objects and and spaces to signal to other humans, communicating what is possible or desirable behavior, territory personal space, possession, expected attention, expected outcome or how to behave “like the rest”

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