applying primary sources to a topic

week 9 assignment ready or not
April 9, 2021
Discipline 3
April 9, 2021

You will analyze secondary sources related to your chosen historical topic.

You will explain how you determined the credibility of the secondary sources, using the Secondary Sources Analysis Worksheet as a guide. For each source listed in the worksheet, you will add the full APA citation; identify the author and describe potential biases; identify the thesis and arguments; discuss the primary sources that are used in the secondary source; discuss whether the source is reliable and convincing; and explain how the source relates to your project topic and adds to what you already know.

For each source you discuss in the Historical Context and Introduction template, you will discuss the historical context of the event in 3 – 5 sentences. The historical context is essentially what was going on in the nation or world at the time the source was published. For instance, if the source was published in the 1970s, the Vietnam War and Watergate crisis were part of the historical context.

Please see attachment for Guidelines and Rubric, materials etc.


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