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Application of Health Promotion in the different categories of Adult.

Health Statistics and Populations
The following website will aid you in completing this Assignment: Utilizing the US Preventive Services Task force site (
You will need to create a chart that illustrates preventative care measures for individuals ranging from age 21-65. The chart should include: ● Immunization recommendations ● Well person visit recommendations ● Cancer screening recommendations (cervical, breast, prostate, colon) ● Other preventative services (dental care, vision care, screening for age related memory changes, etc) Please include gender and age groups in your chart data.

Required Reading
In Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan in Nursing Practice, by Edelman, Kudzma and Mandle; 8th edition, read:

Chapter 22: “Young Adult”
Chapter 23: “Middle- Aged adult “
Chapter 24: “Older Adult”

Required Reading
Summary of Affordable Healthcare Act:
Friedman, A.L., Bloodgood, B. (2010). “Something we’d rather not talk about”: Findings from CDC exploratory research on sexually transmitted disease communication with girls and women. Journal of Women’s Health. 19(10), 1823–1831
Optional Reading
Fontenot, H., Fantasia, H., & Allen, J. (2007). HPV in adolescents: Making the wake-up call. ADVANCE for Nurse Practitioners. 15(10), 73–76.
Ford, F.L. (2011). Racial and ethnic disparities in human papillomavirus awareness and vaccination among young adult women. Public Health Nursing. 28(6), 485–493.
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Beaulieu, R., Kools, S.M., Kennedy, H.P., & Humphreys, J., (2011). Young adult couples’ decision making regarding emergency contraceptive pills. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 43(1), 41–48.
Web Resources
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): QuickStats Percentage of young adults aged 18-29 years with selected chronic conditions, by sex—National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2005-2007. (2009) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.58(25), 699. Retrieved
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Prevalence of coronary heart disease—U.S., 2006-2010. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 60(40), 2011,1377–1381, Retrieved from
Clinical guidelines and recommendations. Retrieved from:

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