answering the questions below with that attached files

6 did morality or economics dominate the debates over slavery in the 1850s explain the various arguments made for and against the expansion of slavery who if anyone was arguing for abolition
July 12, 2020
Human Growth and Development Assignment#1
July 12, 2020

Size 12 times new roman, double spaced. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES, only the attached files can be used. It will count as plagiarism if the internet is used. Cite with the info available.

Each definition should be a paragraph long. Be specific and detailed. NO fluff need. Just to the point. Give examples.

Define: war and studies war

Define: interstate conflict

Define: armed conflict

Define: game theory

Define: liberalism institutions

Define: conflict management

Define: diplomacy

Essay should be 5-6 paragraphs. Be detailed and give specific examples. At least three source should be used.

Essay prompt- How is Sea power used today and where does it fit in international security?


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