analyze the survey result for method and discussion section

3 page essay about a 30 day scenario
April 8, 2021
NURSING Case 1 One of the students you are on placement with turns up for their shift and is obviously under the influence of alcohol. As the witnessing nurse what is your immediate action? What must you do following this? Which sections of the Australia
April 8, 2021

Please finish up the paper in method and discussion section only

Research Question: Do generational differences influence the visual perception of the standard of professionalism?

Hypothesis: College students, including millennials and generation z, have standards of professionalism that are less traditional and more inclusive of varying physical attributes whereas boomers and generation x tend to have more conservative views of what is considered professional.


  • Randomize order of picture appearance, make sure first picture is different for each participant, record who gets which pic first
  • Make as quick of a judgement as possible (about 5 sec)
  • Use Semantic Differential Scale(Likert Scale): have participants evaluate their perception of professionalism on a scale from Not Professional to Professional (5 point scale)
  • Each picture has 4 questions

Target Questions:

  • This person is Unreliable
  • This person is Competent

Please check out the files very carefully, every details for result and discussion are in those documents.


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